Mastercup Competition

The club holds monthly competitions from January to September. In addition, there are 5 On-The-Spot (OTS) competitions held within the year. Participation in the competition is optional but only members in good standing are allowed to participate.

Contest Themes

At the start of the year, monthly themes are announced and published in the club newsletter and online. Each theme is assigned a category which will determine the type of print to be submitted. OTS themes are OPEN and are projected or electronically displayed.

Contest Categories

There are 3 types of contest categories: Single Shot Colored Print (SSCP), Black and White (BW), Colored Print (CP).

    • SSCP – A color print produced conventionally with an enlarger or printed digitally, with an image created from a single shot or frame using film or digital camera.
    • BW – A black and white print produced conventionally or printed digitally.
    • CP – A color print produced conventionally or digitally. Composites or layering is allowed.

Contest Scoring

Each member is allowed a total of 2 entries per competition. Each entry will be judged and scored individually. Entry scores may have a minimum of 1 point to a maximum of 5 points. The final score is based on the average points given by the judges.

Monthly and Annual Awards

The photo with the highest average score will be given the ‘Photo of the Month’ award while the member with the highest accumulated score of his 2 entries will be given the ‘Photographer of the Month’ award.

All photos ranked 20 and above are eligible for the Annual Competitions. The top 3 photo winners for the Annual Competitions will earn bonus points. The top photo for the Annual Competition will be named Photo of the Year (per category).  The member with the highest accumulated scores per category will be awarded the category Photographer of the Year.

At the end of the year, the member with the highest accumulated score of all the competitions will earn the distinction of being the ‘Master Photographer of the Year’.

Photo Credit: Dindin Lagdameo

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