Camera Club of the Philippines

The Oldest Photography Society in Asia
Established in 1928

Camera Club of the Philippines

Promoting camaraderie through regular meetings and photo contests.

Camera Club of the Philippines

Sharing Photography through local and foreign exhibits.

Camera Club of the Philippines

Exploring the Philippines and Asia with our On-The-Spot competitions.

Themed Competitions

Our monthly themed photo competitions are held from January to September using the following formats: Single Shot Colored Prints, Black and White Prints and Unrestricted Colored Prints. Awards are given to monthly winners, quarterly winners, format winners and an overall winner bearing the title Mastercup Photographer of the Year.

On The Spot Competitions

Every year, four destinations around the Philippines are chosen for our On The Spot (OTS) Competitions. In addition, we also hold one International OTS location within Asia. Awards are given to each OTS location winners and overall OTS winner bearing the title On The Spot Photographer of the Year.

Corporate Social Responsibility

What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us; what we have done for others and the world remains and is immortal. Albert Pike

On January 28, 2018, members of the club headed by President Paul San Pedro flew to Legazpi, Albay and handed relief goods donated by members and CCP friends. CSR Chairman Adel Samson led the project in cooperation with his colleagues at the Legazpi Eye Center.

Intimate Images

Our Philippines: Intimate Images was published 2015 under President Fred Yuson. Launched during the 87th Anniversary, the book showcases each members’ unique vision and style in photography.

Publisher CGK Formaprint, Inc. won the PRINT EXCELLENCE AWARD under the Book Category.

Latest Posts

How To Photograph Fire-breathers

There are many kinds of fire photography. In shooting fire-breathers, you need to need to freeze the action as soon as the flames are formed. Most likely, you would need to shoot in manual mode as it would be difficult for the camera to compensate for drastic and fast...

Members Choice: Lone Tree

Starting January 2018, the Contest Committee headed by Chairman Garrick Ang added another award to the monthly competitions. This time, members get to choose a favorite photo (apart from their own entries). Known as the Members Choice Award, the photo with the highest...

Catching Fireworks

Happy new year! Nothing marks the start of a New Year more apparent and with a bang than a good firework show. Regardless of your age or social class, you anticipate the predictable ending to every traditional New Year’s Eve countdown with the same excitement and awe....

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