Memorable Journey

It was an awesome evening when Camera Club of the Philippines’ Cuba team composed of Tilak Hettige, Armand Apuya, Jorge Buenaventura, Paul Resurreccion and Fred Yuson showed their ​photos to the public titled, “Cuba – A Memorable Journey” to CCP members and guests on 8 Nov 2016 at CWC International Corporation showroom in BGC. The […]


On 26 October 2016, Camera Club of the Philippines formally opened “Imagine –  Visual Freedom”  a photographic exhibition at The Gallery, Solaire Casino and Resort.   Photographs by 51 members of the Club were on display and these were curated by  CCP member Tilak Hettige. Guests who attended were awed by the stunning photographs which […]

Changing Times

“Hello Master, How you doin’ today?” “Fine Grasshopper or should I say Louie baby?” “Awright!” “No Monday after the contest hangover? Strange!” “Saint Francis. Serenity to accept things that are not meant to be.” “I see, so you are at peace with yourself?” “More or less, master.” “I don’t see. You have been passionate, almost […]

Waking a Lion

“Hello Grasshopper! Long time no write!” “Yes master, very little to write about. All bad news except now.” “Ok. Bad news first.” “I did not make it to the CCP Calendar.” “You did not make it to the top 36 photographers?!” “No master I was no. 20.” “So you were in the calendar.” “Yes, but […]

Website Redesigned

We have revised the website to highlight member photos while all related club information can be found in a new link within the website.   The below snapshot can be access through the original site  You can click the image below to visit the site.   On the other hand, all club related information […]

Batanes in my Mind

There are many things not to like about Batanes, lack of good hotels, frequent brown outs, sporadic cell signals or lack of it outside Basco, the capital. Add to it no fast foods, dearth of good eating place, no Starbucks, only tricycles for taxi, jeepneys for travel outside Basco or rent your own van for […]

In Memoriam

PAUL YAN, 2013 Jesus Paul Yan or simply ‘Paul’ to most of his friends in the club was an active member.  He was regularized in 1997.  It was in the club where he started contributing to the Viewfinder, the monthly newsletter, which he dubbed ‘The Paul Yan Chronicles’.  To some of his contemporaries, his heart […]

In Memoriam

VICENTE C. VALENCIANO AND THE CCP Vicente C. Valenciano was President of the Camera Club of the Philippines in 1976, and again in 1978.  Franco Patriarca was President in the intervening year 1977. These were important years in the history of this 85 year-old Camera Club.  It can be said that much of what the […]

Bangkok Experience

They say that ” Travel Broadens the Mind” and I concur wholeheartedly.  Different lands, culture and people are what make traveling an adventure every time.  My visit to Bangkok is my first after a long while and I have no illusion that it will still be the same as it was 40 years ago.  There […]


“Why are you wearing that shirt again?” My wife asked, in a tone that was unmistakably coy, meaning she knows the answer but wants me to admit it. “It was there on top of the pile.” I replied in a defensive tone. “No, it was not. I placed it at the bottom of the pile, just […]